Palworld players are waiting for details that will make a big difference in the open world

Palworld players are waiting for details that will make a big difference in the open world

Gaston Cooney

There are already a lot of exciting things to do in Palworld, but players believe that adding this “important” feature would make the game even more exciting.

Palworld's early access launch was successful, quickly topping Steam's charts in terms of concurrent players within hours. Although some players associate it with “Pokémon with Guns,” the game offers much more than that.

Players are often challenged to battle hostile friends, explore dungeons, upgrade their base, and even set up their defenses – all while having to take care of their friends.

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Palworld players request 'important' details about the open world

Despite being in Early Access, the developers are quick to respond to the game's growing popularity by releasing a roadmap and updating the game with a recent patch. However, this does not stop players from wanting to add an important feature to the game.

In a Reddit thread, one player claimed that the game lacks a weather feature. While the vast island of Palpagos already features different climates, the player said he would like a more in-depth climate system.

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“I'm talking about rain/thunderstorms, snowstorms, sandstorms, and maybe even ash storms in the volcano area.”he pointed out.

He added: “I would like to relax at my base on a rainy day if possible.” However, most players who responded to the thread seem to support this idea.

“I think weather that has a noticeable impact on gameplay would be great. Like water types that spawn more and take more damage in the rain.”“, one person commented.

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“It was windy, and when lightning strikes, it can hit your power generator, your house, or your character/friend.”Another suggested.

One user also thought it would be great to add difficulty sliders to the weather system, while another suggested adding different seasons to spice up the gameplay.

Overall, although this seems like a fun addition to the game, some players can't help but think about how this will affect game performance. With more features and improvements planned for the future, it is likely that this feature will be possible as soon as more features and improvements planned for the future appear. The game is more stable.

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