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Bloodborne is one of the best games in FromSoftware's library, and that's saying something considering its impressive list of classic games. Released in 2015 exclusively for PlayStation 4, this gothic RPG from FromSoftware has captured the hearts of fans.

A hunter awakens in the afflicted lands of Yharnam, where the inhabitants have succumbed to bestiality, aiming to uncover the truth and end the plague, unaware of the true horror that lies within the city.

Rumors of a Bloodborne remake for PC and PlayStation 5 have been circulating for a while, but we're still a long way from that, let alone the virtual arrival of Bloodborne 2. Even when playing the PS4 version on PlayStation 5, the game is only running at 30 releases. Frame per second. Additionally, fans are desperate for a sequel, so much so that one fan created a version of Bloodborne 2 using Unreal Engine 5 and the results were amazing.

The lack of an official Bloodborne remaster is all the more puzzling when you consider that FromSoftware has remastered at least two games in their catalog, including Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. So why Bloodborne hasn't received the same treatment, especially when fans want it released so badly, we can only speculate.

If you're one of the people who've been dying to get an official Bloodborne remaster, we've got some bad news. Imran Khan confirmed to users on the Resetera forum that a Bloodborne remastered game was in the works at some point on PC and PlayStation 5.

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At this point, I feel like it's best to abandon the idea of ​​remastering Bloodborne, but part of me thinks there's still a slim chance. Either way, whether it's a remake, a remake, or a simple patch for the PS5, it's sure to be a way for FromSoftware and Sony Interactive Entertainment to make money, right?

Bloodborne is available now on PlayStation 4 and is compatible with at least PlayStation 5.

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