The best headset for simultaneous gaming on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

The best headset for simultaneous gaming on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

However, Logitech's Astro A50X headset is quite pricey and pricey, but it has many advantages to offer. First of all, we will notice the presence of this wonderful base, which acts at the same time as a charging station, a call center and a contact management tool. It works like an HDMI adapter and allows for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox gaming like no other.

For headphones, sound presentation quality is obviously a key point and the Astro A50X has no reason to shy away from the competition. The presence of Dolby Atmos is a plus on PC and Xbox, but we particularly remember the clarity of the reproduction, aided by the quality of the earphones' sound isolation. The microphone is no longer objectionable, especially since it also has a 10-band equalizer.

Comfortable, durable and very enjoyable to listen to, the Astro A50X has only one fault, which is the €400 it charges Logitech. Simply put, if you don't need that fancy switch between PC, PlayStation and Xbox, you'll find it cheaper elsewhere. On the other hand, in this very specific niche, the Astro A50X has no competition.

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