The best ice-type friends in Palworld

The best ice-type friends in Palworld

Ludovic Quinson

Ice-type Pals are a versatile item to keep in your party when exploring since they're especially effective against Dragon-type friends, and when they're resting in the base, they help keep your food cold. So discover the best ice-type friends in Palworld.

Although Ice-type friends are not as formidable as their Fire-type counterparts, their strength against Dragon-type friends and their ability to adapt to the task make them worth the task.

Essentially, Ice-type Pals can use the cooling feature to help keep food fresh longer, which is useful for players who like to stock up on snacks for themselves and their hungry friends.

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But when exploring, having an ice-type friend can be the most useful.

Thanks to their strength against Dragon-type friends, Ice-type friends are a huge boon to defeating and capturing Legendary friends like Jormuntide and Astegon.

So, without further ado, here are the best friends of the ice variety.

Palworld's best ice friends


Pocket up
  • an item : ice
  • Partner skill : Ice Pegasus – When installed, makes the player's attacks Ice-type and boosts Ice-type attacks.
  • Work compatibility : Cooling level 4

Frostalion is a legendary sidekick, and easily one of the best in the game. Not only does his partner's skill turn him into a flying mountain, but it also changes the damage type dealt to the player to Ice when he attacks from the Frostalion's back.

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As a legendary friend, you can expect him to put up a big fight, so be sure to bring a suitable Fire-type friend like Blazamut or Ragnahawk to get him.


Penking in PalworldPocket up
  • an item : Ice water
  • Partner skill : Sea Warrior – When fighting alongside him, the number of items obtained increases if you defeat a Fire-type friend.
  • Work compatibility : Mining level 2, transportation level 2, irrigation level 2, manual labor level 2, refrigeration level 2

Penking is a rare friend that is very useful when exploring dungeons.

Penking is also a great friend of the base, thanks to its wide range of compatibility with action.


Cryolinks at PalworldPocket up
  • an item : ice
  • Partner skill : Dragon Hunter – When fighting alongside him, the number of items obtained increases if a Dragon-type friend is defeated.
  • Work compatibility : Manual labor level 1, deforestation level 2, refrigeration level 3

Cryolinx is a rank A friend that can be captured in the Pristine Snowfield area. You can also hatch a Cryolinx from a large frozen egg or pay a merchant to get one.

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Although it's not as powerful or versatile as Penking, Cryolinx has two additional job compatibility functions, Deforestation and Manual Work, making it a good base worker.

Cryolinx has good starting stats, which continue to increase at a decent rate as you level up, making it a great choice to keep in the team for level 30 players.

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Here's our list of the best Ice-type friends we recommend having with you in Palworld.

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