Palworld player warns against cruelty on first playthrough

Palworld player warns against cruelty on first playthrough

Estelle Vernet

One overworked Palworld player warned others not to play too hard during their first playthrough, offering some helpful advice and describing his experience.

The gameplay in Pocketpair's Palworld revolves around cute little animals called “Pals”. Great colleagues are more than just companions; It's an essential part of the game and allows you to do all kinds of tasks, such as crafting and exploration.

The distinctive feature of Palworld is the exceptional gaming experience it offers thanks to the harmonious integration of these different elements. Record-breaking Steam games like Starfield and Elden Ring were surpassed on Palworld's first day of release.

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Pocket pair

So, to build a strong team of friends, players now resort to quick methods and guides to level up and progress faster in the game. However, one nervous player advised others not to push too hard and to approach the game more calmly the first time.

Weary Palworld player warns others about modern gameplay styles while playing for the first time

Reddit user sh/desanten He shared his story as a weary Palworld gamer whose gaming experience was ruined by modern gaming habits. He said, “ I started playing because of the hype surrounding Palworld, only to find myself immediately confused “.

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Then the player continued, saying: Then, once the first resource challenges arose and I had to travel in real life, I started watching YouTube videos and tips. Little by little, the game lost all its charm, and became like all other games where you followed the optimal path, optimal building techniques to move forward as quickly as possible. “.

He concluded by saying: I'm still only level 40 and I'm still seeing new friends in the world, but it's no longer playing for fun, it's now just raising optimal friends, capturing a lot of them to get experience, and moving on to the next area The user then warned other players by offering advice: “ Enjoy the first part calmly, because once it's messed up, there's no going back “.

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Players responded a lot to this post. One Palworld player added: It's always fun for me to play blind until I stumble. I also like to challenge myself and see if I can do a better job than recommendations, which always makes me happy “. Another commented: ” The game was released a week ago, take your time man “.

As Palworld continues to dominate the Steam and Twitch charts, the game is finally rolling out updates and mod support for players to explore further.

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