Big announcement for the next game, it's going to be disappointing

Big announcement for the next game, it's going to be disappointing

If you're looking forward to the next Battlefield, we have some sad news for you. Be careful, this will disappoint people, especially those who don't like the latest opus.

Battlefield 2042 wasn't to everyone's tastes when it launched. There were several issues, such as strawberry balancing, that sparked community outrage. However, Electronic Arts has no intention of abandoning it. Furthermore, he wants to care and focus on the game so much that he will likely cost dearly for the next job. If we know this, it is because we have only just obtained precision regarding the exit window, and this carries a painful risk.

The next battlefield will not happen immediately

EA has confirmed that the new Battlefield won't arrive before fiscal year 2025. Again, we've got the bare minimum there. We are not immune to the 2026 release, which will require great patience. So fans are obviously a bit surprised. Why do we have to wait so long? There are several reasons, but above all the publisher has made it clear that it wants to give priority to the year 2042. We see this in particular through the regular monitoring of the title, with the company still adding new content to the experience.

It was even EA CEO Andrew Wilson who confirmed the fact that Battlefield 2042 will be getting the royal treatment, at least for now. After all, if there are still players present from 2021, the studio is not wrong to be interested in the game, and unfortunately this seems to be at the expense of the new opus, even if it is not just a hypothesis put forward by some people in light of the announced release window. One thing is for sure, you have to be patient.

Our team is working hard to provide the community with more and more engaging services, including the recent announcement of Season 7 of Battlefield 2042, with new maps, weekly quests and much more.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA

Huge new game?

From what we understand, building the next battlefield should not be taken lightly. We know almost nothing about him, except that he will be a ” Reimagine a truly connected ecosystem These are the words of Andrew Wilson himself, who has also expressed his desire to build a platform for future gaming services, with this new iteration. All that remains is to figure out how to implement it, but it has the advantage of sparking the curiosity of fans.

If you want more information about this topic, you have to turn to rumors. One of the things that often comes up concerns the studio Ridgeline Games, which belongs to EA. He is the one who will take care of the solo on this battlefield. We don't really have anything better to offer, other than speculation about what form the sequel will take. The return of the Battlefield Bad Company saga? Battlefield 6 will maintain the spirit of the FPS game released in 2013? He follows.

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