The long-awaited update is finally available, don't miss the big graphics boost!

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Hello gamers and pop culture fans! Dyls is here to provide you with the latest information about the latest Starfield update. So hold on tight, because it's worth the detour.

A new update for Starfield has just been released, bringing with it a wide range of bug fixes, gameplay improvements, and anticipated improvements to the game's graphics. Don't miss our Starfield review below.

In the coming months, the developers also plan to offer official support for mods through Creation Club 2.0. But right now, a new update has been released and it is doing wonders for the game's graphics. Don't let the boring name of update fool you, because it is a powerful update that brings many necessary improvements and upgrades.

First, the graphics have been redesigned significantly, especially in terms of lighting, shadows, and reflections. Although it runs exclusively on the Xbox Series, this update did not touch fps or resolution, but it did make the planets more presentable to the player. It's still not enough to make them interesting to explore, since most of them are empty, but if you're a player who likes to take pictures, you'll likely benefit from this update.

In addition to the graphical boost, the update also fixes some common bugs and glitches regarding gameplay, outpost building, and quests. Since this is a Bethesda game, there will always likely be bugs, but this update has at least fixed some of the more annoying bugs.

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The latest update for Starfield is available to download now, and you definitely won't want to miss it. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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