Oops, we already know the Assassin's Creed Shadows release date!

Oops, we already know the Assassin's Creed Shadows release date!

Game news Oops, we already know the Assassin's Creed Shadows release date!

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Yesterday, Ubisoft officially announced the title of the upcoming Assassin's Creed game and gave players a date within two days, on May 15, to discover the first promotional trailer for the game, while the release date was supposed to be revealed at that time, through an official account of the publisher that leaked the information in advance..

Don't call it Assassin's Creed Codename Red anymore, it's Assassin's Creed Shadows! Last night, Monday, May 13, Ubisoft took action and revealed the title of the next major episode of its flagship saga. from now on, We know we'll have to call this new work Assassin's Creed Shadows, but to find out more, we'll have to wait until Thursday, May 15. To discover the first official trailer for the game, while Ubisoft arranged to meet players, important information appears to have leaked ahead of the presentation.

The information was revealed too early

This time, this information was noticed by @Wario64, a very active account about video games on X (formerly Twitter). On the social network, the user reports details noticed by one of his subscribers. Going to the YouTube trailer page of the Italian Ubisoft account, it is clear that the video is not yet visible, but there is already a description of the introduction of the title at least. Except that in the first line, we can read “Available on November 15, 2024”, which simply translates to “Available on November 15, 2024”.. The information was posted quite early, but it seems reliable as it still comes from the official Ubisoft account.

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Assassin's Creed Shadows, the eagerly awaited episode

One year after the release of Assassin's Creed Mirage, the AC saga will indeed return with a long-awaited major episode. I must say that in its chosen era, namely feudal Japan, fans of Ubisoft's flagship saga have reason to be happy.. They have been asking for an adaptation to take place in this place for years and their wish has finally been granted.

but, These Shadows have the heavy task of surpassing many other titles set in a similar environment : Like a Dragon: Isshin!, Rise of the Ronin and especially Ghost of Tsushima. It's clear that players will draw comparisons between Ubisoft Montreal's title and Sucker Punch, and it remains to be seen if Assassin's Creed Shadows will suffer from the comparison. Answer first on May 15 with the first promotion!

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