Copy and paste the text changes and you might like it

Copy and paste the text changes and you might like it

Microsoft's announcement is conservative — but it will undoubtedly have a big impact on the way you work in Word. For years, copying and pasting text into Microsoft Word often led to a frustrating result: the text formatting was transferred from the source to the document. So much so that this behavior, which is undoubtedly the least preferred for the majority of users, forces them to reselect the entry almost every time, giving it the correct format manually so that it does not stand out in the presentation.

Although this problem is relatively minor, it remains an anomaly that appears to have persisted for years. However, Ali Forelli, product manager on the Microsoft Word team, explains that the app now takes user feedback into account. Starting with version 17624.20000, the default behavior will be Merge Format. A new setting for this effect appears in the panel Progressing Options word.

Copying and pasting text into Word no longer breaks formatting

It is of course possible to choose the old behavior instead (“retain source format”) by returning to the setting Paste from other programs. If you're using the app via the Microsoft Office 365 suite, or the macOS version, unfortunately, the copy-and-paste process remains the same for now. However, you can often avoid the problem by right-clicking and choosing Merge Format.

Even if this means that you generally have to give up the key combination Ctrl + V (or Cmd + V on Mac) which is usually very convenient and fast. One option to fix the problem anywhere on your computer may be to use a copy and paste manager. In other words, a program that allows you to access the history of your copied content, sort it… and select, using a small combination of keys, to be able to paste deleted text of all formats.

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The new copy and paste is coming, as we told you, in Word (Windows) version 2405 (Build 17624.20000) and later. Depending on your settings, updating your application may be necessary. There is an option to Force Word to update in the menu File > Account. From there you can refer to information such as embedded product information, or continue on Update options before clicking on Update now.

It's enough to take advantage of this anticipated addition as soon as possible and simplify your work on Word today.

  • Microsoft Word has a very useful new feature about copy and paste.
  • The application now redacts any pasted text formatting.
  • It's enough to incorporate the format every time, rather than breaking the presentation.

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