Android Auto is going to get a lot more interesting with this big update from Google

Android Auto is going to get a lot more interesting with this big update from Google

Google just announced a great tech fix for Android Auto and Android Automotive. It is expected that the number of compatible applications displayed on car screens will increase significantly. It's enough to make Android Auto and Automotive more practical for drivers.

Android cars Renault

On the occasion of Google I/O 2024, the Mountain View giant is developing Android Auto and Android Automotive OS. Remember that the former is to connect your Android smartphone to your car and display the content on the screen of the latter. While the second is an integrated operating system that works without a smartphone. This is what we find at Renault, especially with the Mégane E-Tech, the Scenic electric car, and also the new Renault 5 E-Tech.

Until now, developers who wanted to make an app compatible with Android Auto, or available on the Android Automotive OS Play Store, had to go through several steps. First of all, the developers had to develop a special version and validate it by Google.

More applications with simpler operation

From now on, all this will be much easier, thanks to the new program called “ Car ready mobile appThe idea is simple: Google will proactively check apps for Android Auto and Android Automotive compatibility, without the developer having to submit a request. To do this, the app simply needs to be compatible with widescreen displays.

Android for cars in Renault

This type of application will only be available when the car is parked, and will be displayed on the car's central screen. Going forward, and running the app while driving and/or on the screen behind the steering wheel (or on any other screen in the car), the developer will have to work a little more.

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But be careful, because each manufacturer must always remain in control of the applications available on its car, as is the case currently. This is unfortunate, because it means that some cars have fewer apps than others, even though they are compatible.

Easy work for developers

To facilitate the work of developers, Google will launch several simulators, to accurately simulate the different sizes and shapes of screens in the car. It will also be possible to test apps on Pixel tablets. We wonder why all this wasn't possible already.

As a result, Google announces the arrival of many compatible applications. This is the case, for example, with Angry Birds on Automotive OS, but also with the arrival of Google Cast or even Uber on Android Auto. Practical for VTC.

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