New iPad Pro M4 Overview: All in brilliance

New iPad Pro M4 Overview: All in brilliance

New chip, new design, new accessories. If Apple has been resting on its laurels for a while with its iPad Pro lineup, it's hard to be picky this year. Tablets had the right to major developments, which has not happened since 2018. What is most impressive is that their size has become smaller: only 5.3 mm for the 11-inch model, and 5.1 mm for the 13-inch version. It's thinner than an iPod nano, but it's also much thinner than the large Apple Pencil Pro that sits on its edge.

Photo: iGeneration.
The box is thinner, and Apple no longer offers a charging pad (2024 model on the right, 2022 model on the left). Photo: iGeneration.

We can say that after all, what's the point of being thin? I've owned the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for nearly 5 years, and its slate and precision continue to amaze guests who see it resting on the living room table. If the benefit of this slimming remedy wasn't necessarily evident during the keynote, it's not the same once the product is in your hands.

The 13-inch iPad Pro is thinner than the iPod nano. Image: iGeneration.

Even the most jaded tech journalists will be sure to give a look of amazement when they lift the tablet up for the first time before flipping it around from all angles. You'll immediately feel the difference with previous models, making handling the tablet even more enjoyable. More than ever, technology is forgotten and makes the iPad 13″ closer to the kind of ultra-premium A4 paper that wouldn't stand out in a sci-fi movie. The small model loses about twenty grams, making it easier to forget in the bottom of a bag.

The new 13-inch iPad Pro on the left and the 2020 model on the right (with protective screen). Photo: iGeneration.

In terms of changes, we note that the mass of the image has changed slightly after the disappearance of the ultra-wide angle. We won't be able to create Vision Pro spatial videos with this device, but we're told there's improved flash for document scanning. The SIM tray has also bent, as the tablets only support eSIM.

Photo: iGeneration.

The iPad flips around to reveal the second big change in this iPad Pro: the Tandem OLED display, which combines two panels to form one. “We were promised black, black and contrasts.” amazing “And the colors” Sublime “We'll have to wait and see what the details are, but first impressions are good. The difference is only noticeable in the menus, where the wallpaper looks a bit more polished.

Not surprisingly, it's an iPad Pro. Photo: iGeneration.

One of the original features of this year comes from the appearance of a model with nano-textured glass, intended for the 1 and 2 TB versions. This option results in a gray veil that reduces reflections and is designed for users that are more demanding from a point of view. From a color point of view. The effect is surprising, giving the impression that the tablet is a counterfeit found in storefronts or on the shelves of some stores. Apple even generously put a piece of cloth in the box of this model (but skipped the stickers).

The nano-textured screen is a little grainy. Photo: iGeneration.

Under the hood, the all-new M4 chip has been inaugurated on this high-end tablet. This is a first and we feel that Apple cannot wait to present it to us: the M3 generation debuted only 6 months ago, in October 2023. Power has never been lacking in an iPad and it will undoubtedly be present at this event. an appointment. Apple has above all improved the Neural Engine, a brain dedicated to automatic learning which it intends to rely on to win the AI ​​race.

Despite this very exciting first taste, many concerns remain. is not it too much Thin, perhaps too fragile? Does this extra power matter on iPadOS, whose limits are quickly felt? Will OLED really be a game changer? Many questions that we will try to answer in the test that we will present soon iGeneration.

iPad Pro big and small. Photo: iGeneration.

The new iPad Pro M4 is available today starting at €1,219 for the 11-inch model and €1,569 for the 13-inch version. And you can buy it directly In the Apple Storebut also at different vendors such as Amazon or Fnack. The base storage is set at 256GB and you can then upgrade to 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB.

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