Xbox announces a very useful function to avoid waiting for game updates |  X-Box

Xbox announces a very useful function to avoid waiting for game updates | X-Box

Today's games often need various updates, and nothing is more frustrating than launching your favorite game and waiting for the latest update to download and install. To make it easier and reduce waiting time, Xbox is launching a very useful feature that will be rolled out to everyone soon.

Pre-downloading game updates is coming

The feature, as usual, is offered first to members of the Xbox Insiders program in Alpha. This is version XB_FLT_2406ZN\25398.4824.240509-2000 of the Xbox operating system and is required today for program members.

The new feature is called Update Pre-Download. Concretely, games that support pre-download updates will allow updates to be downloaded a few days before they are released.

The goal is to allow players to start playing as soon as an update is available, without having to wait long minutes, or sometimes several hours, for it to be downloaded and then installed.

Good news: If you're an Xbox Insiders Alpha member, you can already take advantage of the feature in the Insider Edition of Sea of ​​​​Thieves. You can check if you can take advantage of this new option by going to the Xbox menu “My Games & Apps” then “Management” and in the “Updates” menu.

Coming? This feature will first be tested by early adopters before reaching other ranks of the Xbox Insiders program. Only then will the update reach everyone, certainly within a few weeks. As always, follow us on Xboxygen to stay up to date with everything new.

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