On the final lap, Da Costa beat Frenz and Evans

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, posted on Saturday May 08, 2021 at 19:10

After the last-lap attack on Mitch Evans, Antonio Felix da Costa beat Monaco e Prix, ahead of Robin Frenz and the New Zealander.

The ruling hero wins in the emirate! From first place, Antonio Felix da Costa won on the occasion of the Monaco e Prix, which for the first time offered drivers the opportunity to walk the entire track that hosts Formula 1 every year. If he was able to maintain the advantage under the curb from Sainte-Dévote, the Portuguese ended up surrendering to Robin Frijns very urgently at the start of the race free of major accidents, except for Alexander Sims retiring after contacting the Monegasque bars. After a pass between Jean-Eric Virgen and Mitch Evans, it was the use of “attack mode” that moved the Monaco ePrix with Antonio Felix da Costa who took advantage of the increased strength to regain first place … before seeing the Dutchman mastered braking in Sainte-Dévote to again take first place in Race. A feature that DS Techeetah rider recovered upon curb placed at the exit of the tunnel, with the help of “Fanboost”, allocated extra power after the fans vote.

Da Costa responded to Evans’ attack

However, that was without relying on Mitch Evans’ accusation. The New Zealander beat Robin Frenz and then Antonio Felix da Costa to take the lead in the race. At the time, René Rast, after calling Nick Cassidy, stopped his Audi on boarding Sainte-Dévote, requiring the safety car to intervene for long minutes. The event resumed with six minutes remaining on the clock. In the power reduction game, drivers had to be very careful to reach the end of the race. On the final lap of the race, Antonio Felix da Costa beat Mitch Evans before going on to win. After the Jaguar driver reached his limit, he had to ease the tension at home, thus awarding second place to Robin Friens, who took advantage of Nick de Vries’ zero point, who was forced to retire, to take over the championship. While watching, Jean-Eric Virgen tried to take advantage of the windfall winnings but failed fourth, with the fastest lap in the race, ahead of Maximilian Gunther. Norman Natto, from the Venturi domestic race, finished 14th.

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FORMULE E / ePRIX from Monaco
Final Ranking – Saturday 8 May 2021
1- Antonio Felix da Costa (POR / DS Techeetah), 47’20’697
2- Robin Frijns (PBS / Envision Virgin Racing) at 2“848
3- Mitch Evans (NZL / Jaguar) in 2“872
4- Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA / DS Techeetah) in 3’120
5- Maximilian Günther (ALL / BMW i Andretti) à 3 “270

14- Norman Natto (FRA / Venturi) is 8’507

Driver’s Championship ranking after 7 races (out of 15)
1- Robin Frijns (PBS / Envision Virgin Racing) 62 points
2- Nick De Vries (PBS / Mercedes) 57
3- 54- Mitch Evans (NZ / Jaguar)
4- Antonio Felix da Costa (POR / DS Techeetah) 52
5- Sam Bird (GBR / Jaguar) 52

7- Jean-Eric Virgin (FRA / DS Techeetah) 46

23- Norman Natto (France / Venturi) 11

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