2021 Olympics, who was Laurel Hubbard the first female sportswoman

2021 Olympics, who was Laurel Hubbard the first female sportswoman

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Laurel Hubbard commented in a 2017 interview about her career as a transgender athlete in weightlifting, “Ten years ago the world wasn’t ready for a gay athlete and it probably isn’t now.” The fact that the company is ready to welcome it now in 2021. Hubbard is on the verge of becoming the first transgender person to participate in the Olympics: Announced it on Watchman A member of the International Weightlifting Federation confirmed that – although she has not yet been formally nominated in the New Zealand team – the athlete will automatically qualify for the Olympic Games due to the new rules of the International Olympic Committee. The news comes as controversy over the rights of transgender people to sport is escalating with several laws that attempt, in the United States, to prevent trans women from competing in women’s competitions. Sadly, Hubbard will have to expect a lot of anti-transgender controversy and attacks.

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In fact, the criticism arrived on time: “We all focus on equality for women in sports, but in this way equality is taken from us,” she said. TVNZ Tracey Lambrechs, who won a bronze medal for New Zealand at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The debate on transgender athletes is broad and multifaceted and still lacks clear solutions. It can be summarized as follows: There are those who argue that it is unfair that people who have gone through the transition from man to woman compete in women’s competitions because their more “muscular” body structure favors them over gender compatible women. In fact, at the moment the IOC has a different (and less hating) position: Since 2015, “heterosexual” athletes can compete in the female category without the need for surgery but only as long as their testosterone level remains below 10 nmol / liter for at least 12 months.. This is because, according to some studies, it should be sufficient to lower the level of testosterone for a certain period of time to eliminate the “physical benefits” associated with exposure to the male hormone.

Laurel Hubbard will be the first mobile athlete to participate in the Olympics

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However, there are those who disagree, because there are other studies that indicate that lowering the level of testosterone after a person goes through puberty will not be sufficient to reduce the “benefits”. Hubbard started the transition at the age of 35, and her critics point out that when she competed in men’s competitions, she never reached the highest point and won instead once she switched to women’s competitions. In fact, before moving on, Hobord practiced weightlifting for a short time, and only several years after starting HRT, he began competing in earnest and won a silver medal at the 2017 World Championships beginning with his successes. In 2018, she was the first transgender athlete to participate in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia But he was forced to retire due to a severe facility injury that nearly threatened his career. However, she didn’t give up, she got back in shape and finished sixth in the world championships in 2019, then won the gold medal in the women’s race +87 kg at the world championships in Rome in 2020. Hubbard, in short, is a real fighter and we are sure that she is You will not even be intimidated by the hatred of those who think that it has no place in the world of sports.

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