North Korea: Kim Jong Un's sister attacks the United States with harsh words

North Korea: Kim Jong Un’s sister attacks the United States with harsh words

With the former US president Donald Trump Stop the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un On the other hand. The new government’s efforts continue Washington Hat North Korea So far, however, it has failed. Now Kim Yo Jong, the ruler’s influential sister, has a United States of America He attacked with radical words.

Administration of the new American president Joe Biden “He wanted to spread the smell of gunpowder over our country,” North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper quoted Kim Yoo Jung as saying. “If you want to sleep peacefully for the next four years, it is better not to start with the work that gets you awake.”

This was North Korea’s first public statement about Biden. Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jong condemned the US military exercises that began last week South Korea. The government in Seoul has been accused of playing “war march”. If South Korea acted “more provocatively,” Kim Yoo Jong threatened to end a military agreement between the two countries.

South Korea and the United States started the joint spring exercises

Last week, the armed forces of the United States and South Korea began a spring exercise on a reduced scale. The leadership maneuvers, which will continue until Thursday, have been curtailed by Seoul, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic and diplomacy in the row over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

North Korea sees itself as being provoked by the United States’ regular military exercises with South Korea. The two countries refuse to accuse Pyongyang of preparing an attack. “War drills and hostility cannot go hand in hand with dialogue and cooperation,” said the statement by Kim Yoo Jong, who has been an influential advisor to her brother Kim Jong Un for years.

In recent years, former US President Trump tried to work to dismantle the North Korean nuclear program through direct meetings with Governor Kim Jong Un. However, the last summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi in February 2019 failed, and the nuclear negotiations between the two countries have since stalled. Tensions between North and South Korea have also increased again.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Pentagon President Lloyd Austin began their first overseas trip to Japan and South Korea on Monday. In a joint comment in the Washington Post, the two ministers reiterated their intention to “revive our relationships with friends and partners.”

The efforts of the new US administration to contact the North Korean leadership, led by Governor Kim Jong Un, Not successful so far. Biden spokeswoman Gene Psaki said at the White House on Monday that the goal was to rely on diplomacy and reduce “the risk of escalation.” However, the government has yet to receive a response from Pyongyang. She said the United States has coordinated closely on the issue with its allies Japan and South Korea and has also spoken with representatives of previous governments.

“Our goal is to reduce the risks of escalation, but we have not yet received any response,” Psaki said. She added that there had been no “active dialogue” with North Korea for a “good year” despite “multiple” contact efforts.

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