Donald Trump is "sick"?  - A new picture feeds rumors of ill health

Donald Trump is “sick”? – A new picture feeds rumors of ill health

The photo of Donald Trump and his wife, Lara Trump, does not shed light on the former president. Now American presenter Jimmy Kimmel has also spoken.

  • On Twitter one cares Photo From Donald Trump And the Lara Trump For Eddie’s sake.
  • The photo must be in his retreat Mar Agou at Palm Beach In the United States of America Originated.
  • Twitter users are divided over what Trump’s health Interests. Good late night host show Jimmy Kimmel The image is in his program.

Update March 16th, 12:30 pm: American late-night broadcaster and host Jimmy Kimmel He made a photo on his show (“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”) Monday evening (March 15th). Donald TrumpHe is with his daughter-in-law Lara Trump at Mar Agou Offers and rumors about him Health status Had caused. Many Trump fans commented on the photo on Twitter and defended former US President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is “sick”? – “It doesn’t look strong.”

Jimmy Kimmel She responded to these tweets, including a comment from Brigitte Gabriel, a supporter of Trump and who heads the anti-Muslim group ACT. She tweeted: “The President Trump card It looks great and is stronger than ever! Jimmy Kimmel had a completely different opinion and compared Trump to “a bowl of mashed potatoes in the pants.”

Late night American host Jimmy Kimmel spoke about a picture of Trump that sparked rumors of ill health on his show.


Jimmy Kimmel added, “It doesn’t look strong, and it definitely doesn’t look great.” Previously on his show about the donation scandal Mar Logo Speak and criticize her sharply. This reports among others *

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The photo sparked rumors of Trump’s deteriorating health

First report from 15/03/2021: Palm Beach – Photo posted online depicting the former US president Donald Trump With jaws limping with his daughter-in-law and former campaign advisor Lara Trump , A discussion on Twitter Saturday night (March 13) about whether Trump is in a bad position Health status I exist.

After posting a picture of Donald Trump that sparked a debate about whether the former president was sick, Nick Adams, a Trump fanatic, defended it on Twitter. (Screen capture)

© Twitter / Nick Adams

Several users also suspected that his son-in-law Lara, Eric Trump’s wife, was holding Donald’s hand, another sign of his weakness. Health status Has been interpreted.

Donald Trump’s health rumors – Twitter users are divided

Some Twitter users were shocked Trump Anblick. One of the comments read, “Holy crap. Is he sick? How has he not aged at all during his presidency, but has looked fifteen years older than he has been in the two months since he left office?

But also Trump cardPro: Speak at home on Twitter. So played the author and Trump fan Nick Adams To run for the presidency again and post it in Mar Agou Photo taken on Twitter with the caption: “The President Donald Trump You look better than ever! He’s in great shape for 2024 and the liberals fear! In the past, former President Trump gave Adams a major career boost through positive comments on his books.

Is Donald Trump sick? A photo from the Trump Mar-a-Lago retreat raises questions

The photo was taken in Mar Agou, Luxury property in Palm Beach in the United States Florida, Which has been in Trump’s possession since 1985, after his electoral defeat and his move from the former White House United States President Donald Trump Pulled out there. But here, too, he had to make some concessions: He was not allowed to keep his airstrip, because Palm Beach allowed nothing. Helipads In the urban area. However, the city made an exception when Trump became president, the Palm Beach Daily News reported.

Mar-a-Lago, home of former President Donald Trump.

© Ivarsson Jerker / imago-images

At first it seemed as though it was allowed Trump card Not permanently in his golf department Palm Beach Because he had previously made an agreement with the city to live in it only during his presidency. Legal opinion helped from a lawyer Donald Trump But then he was still on his way, as reported by The Washington Post.

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A statement from the former US president Donald Trump There are currently no assumptions about his health.

when Donald Trump 2020 with Corona Virus Injured, she claimed Trump’s niece Mary TrumpThose diseases are in the family Trump card It is seen as a weakness. (Anna Charlotte Gross) * is a demo of IPPEN.MEDIA

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