No bath, no bed, no laundry … Discover the strange life that awaits Thomas Pisquet in space

No bath, no bed, no laundry … Discover the strange life that awaits Thomas Pisquet in space

Weather permitting, Frenchman Thomas Pesquet must take off from Cape Canaveral (Florida) on Friday April 23 to join the International Space Station (ISS). His life in space would be very different from that on Earth.

Departure to the International Space Station (ISS), Friday April 23 Thomas Pesquet He will say goodbye to his little worldly habits. In space everything is different. For six months, the French astronaut will be forced to live in an austere place creating many restrictions.

Not a real bedroom

And the Thomas Pesquet He loves to lie quietly on a comfortable bed, he will have to wait for his return to the ground. On the International Space Station, he would sleep vertically in a kind of sleeping bag hanging from the ceiling to prevent his body from floating in the air. “It is very comfortable because we do not have body weight and sleep well in weightlessness,” confirmed V. Video from 2016. His room would look like a phone booth.

Communications with Earth will be very limited. “On board the station, there is no phone. I have a target, do the job, and only one hubs, the control center.” […] Life is simpler in space, “he said in an interview Parisian On April 16th. To relax, he can still ride a bike with the helmet draped over his eyes. Technology developed by Fit Immersion is based in Montpellier.

Signed meals by Thierry Marx

Lunches and dinners aren’t an astronaut’s outing as has been proven This video shows Samantha Cristoforetti. So that the food does not move, due to weightlessness, it is recorded on a table. The food should also be hung well on the tableware.

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The meals will be freeze-dried dishes prepared by NASA that have all been tasted and tested already Thomas Pesquet. But astronauts will feed for special occasions like birthdays. French chef Thierry Marx and physicist and chemist Rafael Hammon came up with several recipes: pressed potatoes with porcini mushrooms, beef bazas with carrots and sour almonds with pears. They meet several criteria: no crumbs, little salt and sugar.

Toilets, but …

Another revolution awaits Thomas Pesquet. For six months, He will have to do without taking a shower and a shower. He can only take a glove bath. In addition, in order to save water, dirty clothes are not washed but disposed of.

Finally, I answer a very frequent question: The space station has some kind of toilet to see In this video. The urine hose absorbs the urine and turns it into drinking water. To sit on the seat, You have to tie your feet. The stool falls into a plastic bag. Then it is sent to the earth, like a dirty laundry, and it burns when it enters the atmosphere.

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