Is PlayStation "for gamers" again?  Sony gave the answers the players wanted -

Is PlayStation “for gamers” again? Sony gave the answers the players wanted –

After a few months Sony seemed a bit absent, with Jim Ryan’s management accused by the most die-hard fan, it would take a few days for the brand. Play Station Hectare Modified In the race several decisions angered the players. That era ‘For playersReady to come back again?

The arrival of Covid-19, with its distribution lines disrupted and a certain difficulty in finding an effective communication strategy, appears to have distanced Sony’s management somewhat from its users. Choices like those of denying Japan Studio, shutting down PlayStation Store on PS Vita and PlayStation 3, or deciding to bring some PlayStation exclusive to PC (not to mention MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass) led to a certain resentment toward management of the game. Jim Ryan.

It was not enough for the head of Sony to record Record numbers For his company or awarding great bonuses to employees to gain unconditional trust from players. There were even those who regretted Sean Leiden.

Jim Ryan.

Other than that, Sony once again put on the mantra that brought it a lot of riches in the PlayStation 4 era: “For the Player”.

Here then, in a few days’ time, Sony announced that it was backing down regarding the PlayStation Store for the PSVita and the PS3, to look for a solution to the internal battery issue that would block PlayStation games, 1080p access to PlayStation Now and the PS5 would be more exclusive than previous generations.

All the answers fans have been looking forward to that once again explain how “players” can get Colossal power If they act in a coordinated manner and show their disappointment. It’s a bit like what happened with the Premier League football.

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Has the “two players” policy returned? Let’s talk about!

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