Android 12

Here is the graphics news for Developer Preview 3

Let’s get back to deal with Terza Developer Review From Android 12, Released by the Mountain View giant Just two days ago And who immediately set up the scene is in turmoil social communication Which revolves around Google’s mobile operating system.

Among the developers who immediately set out to work to find the innovations hidden in the new developer preview code, there are also kdrag0n, Who – which In the last few hours Post a series of screenshots that show us some of the news that the Mountain View giant has in store for us with Android 12.

Here is the new graphical interface for Android 12

One of the new features coming to the next version of Google’s mobile operating system has to do with video game enthusiasts: It’s an actual FPS counter (it’s on the right side, directly below the record button) and it’s probably more useful than the current one (which only shows the screen refresh rate).

Google has also redesigned the Quick Settings menu, which covers almost the entire screen and features large rectangular tiles with rounded corners:

Android 12

Another novelty is the possibility to use the wallpaper selected by the user as the basis for the entire smartphone theme (for example, setting a dark background will determine the adoption of a darker system theme).

Android 12

There is no shortage of news for tablets, like a lock screen with an interface designed for one-handed use or a new interface layout For notices:

Remember that this is still only Developer Preview 3, so it is very likely that in the future there will be more innovations enabled by the Mountain View giant developer team in Android 12 even if it is possible that some of these changes will not be implemented in the general build . we will see.

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