NFT: The famous Disaster Girl is selling her meme at auction

NFT: The famous Disaster Girl is selling her meme at auction

She was 4 years old when she became famous in spite of herself, now a 21-year-old disaster girl, and a hell of a jackpot after selling her NFT meme.

The facts go back to 2005, when her father photographed Zoe Roth in front of a burning house near her home. In 4 years time, the Machiavellian smile of the girl quickly turned to the Internet rounds, to the point of becoming One of the most famous memes in the world. The picture has been shared millions of times, and now it’s an integral part of web culture, just like a comedian. The restase and the legendary ‘ISO’ passed away this week.

Realizing her fame, the 21-year-old decided to sell her meme at auction NFTThese are the irreplaceable and anti-counterfeiting tokens that the whole world has been snapping up for a few weeks. If Zoe Ruth still held the copyright to the meme thanks to the Certificate of Authenticity stored on the blockchain, the sale would allow her to claim a great jackpot: in just 24 hours, Zoe Ruth wins it. 180 ETH, which is equivalent to more than 390,000 euros As per the current price. Every time NFT changed ownership, the young woman and her father also made sure to get 10% of the sale price. Asked before Rally News and ObserverThe main interested party has made it clear that they intend to share the money with her family, but also to donate to non-profit organizations.

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