Back: Video analysis reveals the game is “pushing the PS5 GPU to the limit”

Back: Video analysis reveals the game is “pushing the PS5 GPU to the limit”

Digital foundry It released a new video analysis dedicated to Returnal, the Housemarque game available exclusively on PS5. On what was revealed, Returns “pushes the PS5 GPU to the extreme”. Here are all the details regarding resolution, frame rate, and ray tracing management.

First of all, Digital Foundry explains that the Ray tracing It is not used directly to create visual effects. It is being used to accelerate global lighting inquiries. He explains that it is a system similar to the one used by Nvidia’s RTXGI, found on Unreal Engine 4, the engine used to develop the game. Also, ray tracing is used for Returnal 3D Sound Maximization on the PS5.

Digital Foundry praises Returnal’s visual impact on the PS5. Explain that The original resolution of the game is 1080p, Then reconstructed to 1440 pixels and increased to 2160 pixels via checkers. Obviously, the end result cannot be compared to real 4K resolution (dynamic or not), but the visual quality in general is great, especially since the game managed to handle 60 fps very smoothly.


Video analysis illustrates this Yield is aimed at 60 fps and maintains it most of the time. There are instances when particle effects are so massive that they affect performance, with drops of up to 50fps, but these are a few issues.

Finally, Digital Foundry says gamers should buy this game, especially since Returnal isn’t a classic Sony AAA game, but it doesn’t make it a quality game.

We also praised the retrieval quality in our review.

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