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Wind Tre not operational, down for mobile and fixed networks between April 29-30

Deficiencies and problems today April 29, 2021 for users who use WINDTRE, It is disabled and does not work with both mobile and fixed networks.

The numbers are very high and an increasing number are arriving from different regions of Italy. So there is no problem with your smartphone, but a general problem at the level of the operator’s infrastructure.

WINDTRE NOT WORKING: Down today April 29th

Reports come from all over Italy and relate to the network architecture of WINDTRE In all its aspects. They range from blackouting phone calls in both directions, incoming and outgoing, to having no internet connection. In many cases, the service is completely absent and there is no signal. Sometimes the message “Incoming calls has been barred” may also appear, but the problem is specific to the network and not specifically to your smartphone.

Even in social networks hashtags #Reaction It is among the most popular, which underlines the importance of the problem. The operator has not been particularly chatty on its social networks and it appears that there have been few responses to user complaints, especially on Twitter. No message on the official Facebook page instead.

The problem still persists but for the time being WINDTRE He is not making himself heard, perhaps because he is trying to find the source of the problem and solve it. Did you also encounter network problems today? Tell us about your experience in the comment box.

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