While weeding their garden, a New Zealand couple dug up what is believed to be one of the largest potatoes ever found. Local media reported on Friday that the adorable specimen, named “Doug”, weighed 7.9 kg. “The spade fork was suddenly there and I pulled the thing and thought: What in the world is this?” , researcher Colin Craig Brown told Newshub.

The giant may even reach the Guinness Book of Records. The previous record holder is a British potato weighing 4.98 kg. The couple from Waikato on the North Island of New Zealand are still awaiting confirmation that “Doug” will take their place in the Guinness Book.

Craig Brown and his wife, Donna, said they hadn’t grown any potatoes for a long time – and thus had no idea how long the giant tuber had grown. “It was one of those happy little moments in life,” Craig Brown said on Radio New Zealand. “Mother Nature has simply given us this gem.”

Once the Guinness Book entry dries up, Craig Brown wants to get the vodka out of his giant potato. “Then we’ll bake a dog with homemade vodka,” he said. “I think fermentation is better than chewing.”

From: APA / dpa