Baby orca stranded in New Zealand dies

Baby orca stranded in New Zealand dies

Updated July 23, 2021 at 12:48 PM.

  • New Zealand mourns the loss of baby Tua whale.
  • A small killer whale was discovered in shallow waters near the capital, Wellington, less than two weeks ago.
  • There was no trace of his flock or his mother. Now the calf is dead.

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Mourning a baby whale: Less than two weeks after being stranded in New Zealand, a baby orca named Toa died unexpectedly. The organization Save the Whale wrote on Facebook that his health “rapidly deteriorated” on Friday evening (local time). “The local vets came to his aid, but they couldn’t save him.” The organization said all the aides were “broken”.

The stranded baby orca has just died

The calf was discovered on July 12 in the shallow waters off Plimmerton Beach on the North Island. He failed to follow his flock into the open waters. Since then, several volunteers have searched for his family at sea – to no avail. Meanwhile, Toa has been cared for and fed around the clock by animal rights activists and experts. Recently, according to the Nature Conservancy, he had already had colic.

The baby killer whale was probably less than three months old, and thus still too young to live alone in the wild. He also desperately needs breast milk. And experts recently warned that the animal may have to be euthanized if its family is not found. Many people in the Pacific State had just followed the fate of the news. The organization said that the “Whale Rescue” phone is no longer working.

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