New Zealand: Teacher pastes mouths of children in class

New Zealand: Teacher pastes mouths of children in class

The school is talking about a game

Anyone speaking in class closes their mouths with tape: An elementary school teacher in New Zealand used tape to silence children. While the school talks about a fun action, the mother goes to the barricades – and expects the officials.

Ibn was silent about the accident, fearing

The mother, who did not give her name, did not send her 7-year-old son to Colwyn School in West Auckland for two weeks because he was scared after the November 25 accident, according to The procedure itself was shocking, but it became more difficult because her son had asthma and breathing problems. The newspaper quoted the woman as saying, “I am terrified that the teacher would do such a thing.”

Her son kept her away from the accident because he feared he would get into trouble himself. She discovered this through her daughter, who goes to the same school, and one of her classmates asked her about her.

It is said that children wanted to “play”

In a letter to the mother, quoted from, head teacher Rob Taylor confirmed the events. According to the teacher, it was a “game” that the children clearly enjoyed and that they wanted to play with the teacher. ”In conversations with other children in the class and their parents, the teacher’s narration was confirmed. If the boy found the situation painful, he could receive support from a special unit in the Ministry of Education .

This is not enough for the boy’s mother. No one has apologized to her son since the accident. “I asked my son how he felt about it and he said, ‘If we did something wrong, we have to apologize and say we will not do it again. Why doesn’t that apply to teachers?'”

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The teacher apologizes

When asked by, Taylor replied that the accident is taken seriously but he cannot comment because police are also involved and are investigating. He did not explain why the school did not apologize. But in the letter addressed to the mother, the children’s teacher said to her: “I am very horrified by what happened and would like to inform the student and his parents that I am sorry that the family caused such problems.”

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