Amazon series goes where no movie has dared to go

Amazon series goes where no movie has dared to go

Amazon series The Lord of the Rings takes shape. Last week we finally received our first official rundown, which provided long-awaited insights into the plot. Three pointers It now proposes a wonderful novelty.

It is becoming more and more evident that the new Middle-Earth will lead us to a place barely explored in Peter Jackson’s trilogy: With Ships at Sea. parts of Lord of the Rings series as an ocean adventure It will be a brand new district.

Lord of the Rings series: Sail Elves and Humans

Ships played a role In the Lord of the Rings movies. Comrades paddling at the Anduin River. Aragorn defeated an enemy fleet and then sailed to Gondor with his army of the dead. At the end, Frodo, Pilbo and Gandalf board a boat of elves to travel west.

Lord of the Rings 3: The Ship to the West

But we only saw these Lord of the Rings boats close to the ground. This was mainly due to the fact that Frodo and Co. They are now walking across the continent, so they aren’t actually near the sea Resist. The Amazon series is set to change that and the first hint of it has been hidden in the recently announced story.

There it became Inselkönigreich Númenor Revealed as a setting. Away from the mainland, rulers there administered sophisticated shipbuilding and even planted trees specifically for this purpose. Trade with other peoples (on the mainland) always plays a role for island nations. How do you get there? On the water.

Since Númenor as the location of a plot of land in the chain would certainly not exist separately from the rest of the Middle-earth storylines, Crossing the ocean People are ruling there more than likely. And in the second age, when the elves are at the height of their power, they should not be discouraged from cruising.

The Lord of the Rings series on Amazon is about boats and water tanks

If the strength of Nmenor Island wasn’t enough to direct you into the water, you should take a look at more of the information leaked: Fan Fellowship has received classified reports from the Lord of the Rings series, Nemenorian fleet shooting at naval sights promise.

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The image in the tweet does not show the actual location of Lord of the Rings on Amazon, but is cited by the source as an example to illustrate how the scenes pictured on the high seas were performed: on Ships in water tanks in front of green screens.

Has the Lord of the Rings series finally made use of New Zealand’s beaches?

Anyone who regularly spies on new Lord of the Rings stars in anticipation of visions of the series can currently see a lot of New Zealand on their Twitter and Instagram channels. Filming is in progress and it is noticeable how often multiple actors participate Near the coast Pretending.

The two main islands spanning New Zealand now form exclusively from the coast, but the direct proximity to the water could be another indicator of circulation at the ocean’s edge, which has water reservoirs. Real marine environment completion. (After all, stars can’t stray too far from their positions in their spare time and during breaks in front of the camera.)

Suspense now completely Unexplored Corners from Middle Earth Getting to know each other is real in any case. It remains to be seen if this will be a master and a leader with Elves and Humans. But earlier references to ships and seas look promisingly new and different.

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