New Zealand: Scott Robertson has presented his 2024 crew

New Zealand: Scott Robertson has presented his 2024 crew

Scott Robertson, who will become New Zealand coach in 2024, outlined the future management of the All Blacks on Wednesday, notably appointing Jason Holland and Leon McDonald to take charge of the attacking lineup. Robertson, who has led the Canterbury Crusaders to six successive New Zealand Super Rugby titles, will replace current coach Ian Foster, who will step down after the World Cup in France (September 8 – October 28).

The future coach will include Scott Hansen, his assistant at the Crusaders, on his coaching staff, in addition to Holland, the Wellington Hurricanes coach, and McDonald, the Auckland Blues mentor. McDonald and Holland will be responsible for attack while Hansen will be responsible for defence. Current forwards coach Jason Ryan and Nick Gill, who have been in charge of performance since 2008, will remain in charge. “I have known Jason, Leon, Scott, Alfie (Holland) and my generation for a long time and have worked with them throughout my career as a player and coach.”Robertson said in a statement.

“They are very talented and motivated coaches who will bring different strengths and share a similar philosophy to the game.”, he adds. McDonald (45 years old) joined Robertson after his brilliance with the Blues, which he coached in 2019, and he will leave at the end of the season. “The All Blacks were the pinnacle for me as a player and nothing has changed as a coach.”McDonald explained in a press release. The Netherlands has been responsible for hurricanes since 2020. “It is humbling to be asked to contribute to the All Blacks’ legacy, and is something every New Zealand coach aspires to.”Holland said.

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