Benjamin Pyatt finished off his world tour in style in New Zealand

Benjamin Pyatt finished off his world tour in style in New Zealand

After almost 3 years of traveling the world and performing in the Alliances Françaises network, singer Benjamin Pyatt concludes his tour to present his album Eldorado in Auckland.

The Gardens welcomed Alliance Française last Friday Benjamin Byatt For a concert that transports us to the world of travel. We had the opportunity to meet Benjamin and discuss his coming to New Zealand. In the presence of Ambassador Madame Loro Bouillot, the French and Francophiles of Auckland were able to enjoy a sincere and warm musical moment.

Can you tell us more about your tour of New Zealand and what brought you to come here?

I am coming to present my album “El Dorado” released in spring 2021. This album mixes French song and Latin music, inspired by a tour to Venezuela in 2020 full of discoveries of the rhythms and music of the region. As part of the presentation of this album, I had the opportunity to be invited to different events such as the Francophonie Week, the Music Festival or even the Beaujolais Nouveau celebrations.

Your music has diverse influences. How would you describe your unique musical style and how is that reflected in the songs you perform on tour?

My music can be defined as a French fusion song. “El Dorado” is my fourth album, still related to travel but inspired by Latin rhythms after many encounters and testimonies that inspired me to write these songs.

How do you incorporate your beliefs into your music, and are there any particular messages you hope to convey to your audience?

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I advocate living together, escaping, and opening up to the world. For me, it is important to be open to others and share and I take this mission seriously through my music. I’m also working on a new album that also conveys these values. So I’m always in the creative process, even when I’m touring.

What is your source of inspiration? Do you seek to collaborate with different artists?

I really love immersing myself in the local culture during my tours and enriching myself from these encounters for my upcoming tunes and upcoming texts. For example, she collaborated with the group Trio on the text and music of several of the album’s tracks.

There are many wonderful encounters in music. Benjamin met Chilean percussionist Luis Milla, who accompanied him to Bombo Argentina for his latest song with a danceable and tropical beat. Caipirinha kale.

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