Who is Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister?  |  TV5MONDE

Who is Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister? | TV5MONDE

Known for his strong response to the Covid pandemic, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins is a tough manager. The former Police and Education Minister appears to be Labor’s only candidate to replace Jacinda Ardern following the latter’s shock resignation, announced on January 19. painting.

It is the greatest privilege and responsibility of my lifesaid Chris Hipkins after he officially became Prime Minister. He thought to himself.Motivated, driven” And “excited“In the face of”Challenges that ariseThe country will hold general elections in October 2023.

The Labor Party’s first leader was appointed on Sunday, January 22, and the 44-year-old was officially appointed on Wednesday, January 25 by the Governor General, King Charles III’s representative in New Zealand.

I hope New Zealanders see me as someone who is honest and unafraid to admit mistakes and be self-deprecating“, the new Prime Minister confirmed to reporters.

Covid, police, education,…

Chris Hipkins has been praised for his nearly two-year tenure as minister responsible for the fight against Covid-19. The country had closed its borders to ward off the pandemic, and only reopened them in August 2022. Last year, he admitted that people were tired of strict health restrictions, describing the border closures as “difficult“.

Political columnist Josi Pagani called it “Sensitive, friendly, tough and competent“.”I think I’m relatively straightforward and relatively comprehensive. People won’t die wondering what I’m thinking“, Chris Hipkins added to reporters outside Parliament in Wellington.

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He became police minister in June 2022, a key role given criticism of the government’s record on crime. He previously held the positions of Minister of Education and Minister of Public Service for more than five years.

Chris HipkinsHe will be an incredibly strong Prime Minister“, Justice Minister Kerry Allan, a Māori Party MP, expected to take up the position.

He is extremely capable and has a proven track record for New Zealand as one of our most senior Ministers over the past six years“, she highlighted.

Chris Hipkins, who describes himself as “Outdoor enthusiast“I love mountain biking, hiking and swimming. I studied politics and criminology at the University of Victoria and later worked in the industrial training sector.

Before becoming an MP in 2008, he was a senior adviser to two education ministers and former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

(Good-bye : New Zealand: Chris Hipkins appointed next Prime Minister

Implications of the Australian scandals

Chris Hipkins has been involved in high-profile feuds with the previous conservative Australian government. In 2021, he accused Australia of “Export your garbage“To New Zealand – a reference to Canberra’s controversial policy of deporting criminals to their country of birth.

A few years ago, in 2017, Jacinda Ardern admonished Chris Hipkins for accusing him of playing a role in the dual citizenship scandal in the Australian Parliament.

The then Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, was forced to resign, after information provided to Chris Hipkins revealed that Barnaby Joyce held dual Australian and New Zealand citizenship. The Australian Constitution prohibits federal politicians from sitting in Parliament if they hold dual citizenship.

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Jacinda Ardern said at the time that Chris Hipkins’ actions were “unacceptable“.

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