New Lorde album not appearing on CD

New Lorde album not appearing on CD

On her third album, "solar energy" Lord wants to do without CDs.

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With her third studio album, Solar Power, Lorde wants to dispense with CDs.

Lorde recently announced their new album. Now comes the next surprise: “Solar Energy” is not available in CD form.

Lorde was 16 years old when she debuted “Pure Heroine” in 2013. A year later she won a Grammy for the song “Royals”. Even after that, the success of the New Zealander did not stop: her second studio album, “Melodrama” (2017), took first place in the charts in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the singer received another Grammy nomination. . So it’s no wonder fans have been eagerly awaiting the third album ever since. In June, the good news finally came: “Solar” is supposed to appear in August 2021.

New Zealand singer Lorde's first two albums were highly regarded.

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New Zealand singer Lorde’s first two albums were highly regarded.

Music box instead of CD

Now Lorde is surprised by an unusual idea: instead of CDs, she wants to sell so-called music boxes. In order to protect the environment, fans of the 24-year-old should be able to purchase “Solar” in the store, but only receive a download code as well as photos and handwritten information about the album. This is quite logical, because the CDs are made of plastic polycarbonate, which are covered with aluminum and a special coating. Several limited resources must be used for this. If the small parts are discarded, the majority end up in residual waste.

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Unfortunately, downloading and streaming music on portals like Spotify is not always the best solution. Although there is less waste than CDs or vinyl records, the required energy consumption increases. Servers of streaming services, for example, are often attributed to massive power consumption.

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