Elton John: He plays in Frankfurt and Leipzig

Elton John: He plays in Frankfurt and Leipzig

Elton John
He plays in Frankfurt and Leipzig

Elton John in concert in Italy.

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Elton John has announced the starting dates for his yellow-brick farewell: Final Round. Shows in Frankfurt and Leipzig.

Superstar Elton John (74) has announced the deadlines for “Farewell Yellow Brick Road: The Final Tour.” The British singer will start the European part of her tour in Frankfurt on May 27, 2022 and will also perform in Leipzig two days later. Shows are then scheduled to take place in Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom before beginning on July 15 with shows in the United States and Canada.

“Welcome to all of you great fans out there. I come to you today with an announcement that I’ve been in business my whole life: The shows announcing today will be my last dates for my North American and European tour,” Elton John explained on social media.

“The most exciting production of my life”

The singer promised to give fans “the greatest possible”, that he would do his best, “with the most amazing production ever” and “play in places that have meant so much to me throughout my career, whether next summer in Frankfurt or at the legendary Dodger Stadium for the grand finale in the USA” I can’t wait to see you all on the road for the last time.” He added, “This has been a fantastic tour so far, full of incredible heights and I look forward to making more great memories with you guys at these final shows.” In 2023, Elton John wants to hold the last concerts in New Zealand and Australia.


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