New gameplay improvements with patch 1.2

New gameplay improvements with patch 1.2

Cyberpunk CD Projekt Red development studio described the planned improvements to Cyberpunk 2077 in detail in upcoming update 1.2. AdvertisingWritten as a newsletter in the universe, detailing the planned game improvements, such as preventing the police from appearing anywhere when a crime is committed, better handling of the vehicle, and a protective posture should you accidentally enter an oncoming traffic

While the game has received a lot of criticism since its launch for being riddled with bugs and glitches – and in some ways unfinished – it appears that the developers are trying to tackle some of the more common issues.

CDPR hopes to improve the driving experience by adjusting the steering and adding a feature that automatically disconnects your vehicle if it is ‘stuck’ against an obstacle or something else. While improved steering should help, there are plenty of other driving issues (like collision detection) that need to be addressed before driving can be really fun in the game.

The patch was originally supposed to be released in February, but was delayed when the studio fell victim to a ransomware attack. CDPR is now targeting him Published in the “second half of March”.

It’s been about three months now Cyberpunk 2077 Deleted from PlayStation Store due to the huge number of bugs (and the fact that it was almost inoperable on the PlayStation 4 base). So far, Sony and CDPR have not commented on when the game will return to the platform. So it is unclear whether this patch will be sufficient.

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