Correction 1.2 will review police and vehicle controls, among other things

Correction 1.2 will review police and vehicle controls, among other things

CD Projekt Red contains the first improvements AdvertiseThat came with the 1.2 patch Cyberpunk 2077 (From 39,00€ in To buy), And is planned for the end of March 2021. The correction, appeared in a special broadcast on N54 News It was submitted, among other things, that the police will review. NCPD emergency teams should not appear out of nowhere in the future (Example), But does not appear until shortly after – after a crime has been reported – at the crime scene. Additionally, police will pre-explore the situation with a reconnaissance drone before emergency services begin – even if the suspiciously fast reconnaissance drone is on site in the video below.

In addition, vehicle control must be improved. A new sensitivity setting (Sensitivity Control) has been introduced, while in the background it is ensured that the control remains more reliable and stable even at low frame rates. Vehicles that are stuck in some way must also be “released.”

“At a low frame rate, it was difficult to keep our vehicles under control. We were able to trace this problem back to a portion of the code that could only handle the extreme changes in frame rate badly. The control speed is now steady, whether at 20 or over 60 In the end, we did some fine tuning of the individual vehicles and tweaked the ones that were very sensitive at low frame rates, including player Archer Hella. “So, Seamus, the chief vehicle programmer.

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Additionally, “quick dribble action”, if you press the action switch twice in quick succession, it can be switched off shortly so you don’t accidentally dash forward or sideways.

“In the controls settings, dodging can now be deactivated by pressing the action key twice. The player can still dodge by pressing the crouch key (default: C) twice. This would make it easier to use the WASD key mapping on the move keyboard. Many other major mapping issues remain, but these must be addressed in future corrections., Writes Wojtek, tool programmer at CD Projekt Red.

In the next few days, developers will announce other general quality improvements and bug fixes that Update 1.2 will bring.

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