Naughty Dog tra The Last of Us, Uncharted e IP singleplayer su PS5: parla Druckmann

Naughty Dog tra The Last of Us, Uncharted e IP singleplayer su PS5: parla Druckmann

While on the net, keep up to date on the next stage Naughty Dog multiplayer game for PlayStation 5Co-chairs of the company, Evan Wells NS Neil Druckmann, and a reflection on the future of the PlayStation Studios subsidiary, on the passions of their fans, and on the perspectives that PS5 has unlocked.

During an interview with Game Informer journalists, two advocates from the popular software house Santa Monica gave an important clarification on the strategies that the company will implement to meet the demands of enthusiasts and support the creative spirit of its designers.

In this regard, Evan Wells explains that “If we keep developing combo and single-player games? Sure! It’s in our DNA that we tell these kinds of stories And so I really think we’re going to keep doing that for as long as possible. We particularly care about single player experiences, they are what attract so many people to Naughty Dog and what inspires us the most.”.

Similar to Wells’s phrases, there are also the ones Neil Druckman shared about remembering the how Sony never told us ‘The wind changes, can you make this other kind of video game? They know, and we do too, that when you’re working on a project you’re excited about, well and Then you will always do a great job.

As for the future of Naughty Dog and the upcoming video games that will be developed by the California company later Our last 2, wells needs chi “There is a lot of enthusiasm for that New IP development, but it still exists Lots of love for Uncharted and The Last of Us And I really think you’ll see these IP addresses in the future.”.

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