Fortnite Historical Honor Event: How to Follow It

A new educational event will be taking place soon in Fortnite. Battle Royale will start a project in collaboration with TIME

Fortnite announces the arrival of a new event for educational purposes (YouTube screenshot)

Not only amazing skins and tournaments. It is an electronic game It also wants to expand in other areas, and is preparing to launch a new project in cooperation with Time for educational purposes. There will be a real event, dedicated to one of the most famous personalities in history: Martin Luther King Jr.

Users will have the opportunity to visit DC 63, the digital version of Washington, D.C. for nearly half a century. Everyone to attend the famous speech”I have a dream” in a Lincoln Memorial and National Mall.

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Fortnite, event dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.: details

A super educational event dedicated to a character Martin Luther King Jr. Fortnite comes off the “rails” and decides to launch a new project with Time. Virtual environments come from the game’s creative mode and are signed ChaseJackman, GQuanoe, XWDFr, YU7A.

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Time travel and follow MLK . letterYou will also be able to get one DC 63 . spray As a bonus directly in the game locker. This is the latest version among many novelties designed by Epic Game that will become part of the battle royale on horseback. Between this season and next season.

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