PS5, new model mounts smaller heatsink -

PS5, new model mounts smaller heatsink –

The new model from PS5, which Sony has started rolling out in recent weeks, is escalating Smallest heatsink Compared to the version in the first version of the console, which in fact boasted a very large size.

You’ll definitely remember the official PS5 takedown in which Yasuhiro Ootori, Vice President of Mechanical Design at Sony, dismantled the console piece by piece, which will highlight the presence of a huge collection heat sink to dissipate heat.

PS5, the heatsink found in the first console model

Well, you’ll also remember Austin Evans’ PS5 disassembly and the many controversies that followed due to criticism of a YouTuber going into the interior design of the PlayStation 5Practically monopolized by the dissipation system.

Well, Evans is back to devote himself to Sony’s console for an interesting new discovery: the new PS5 model, which is currently on sale in some markets and is intended to replace the first, is equipped with a smaller heatsink.

PS5, on the left, the heatsink of the first model and on the right of the new model
PS5, on the left, the heatsink of the first model and on the right of the new model

To count them from the picture, there are already a lot of fins and a whole plate missing from the new heatsink, so the cooling capacity is lower than that of the original.

According to first tests by Austin Evans, the temperature PS5 with the new model and that could lead to a whole series of situations that will obviously have to be checked over time.

The YouTuber’s conclusion was that at Sony’s launch, he wanted to include a very large and powerful heatsink in the system to prevent any trouble. High temperature.

After a year of experience, and after selling 10.1 million PS5s, the company, according to Evans, decided it could scale the cooler without running into hiccups or other problems.

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PS5, Standard and Digital Edition models
PS5, Standard and Digital Edition models

However, the effects may not be pleasant: according to Austin Evans and Jimmy Champagne, an increase in temperatures can create a problem due to the variable frequencies of the console and possible cooling of a second SSD attached to the console.

However, it is clear that the tests performed on this occasion, which reveal the heat coming out of the console but not the actual temperatures of the chip, should not be considered completely reliable to understand how things are.

At the same time, the fan It seems that the new PS5 model is installed with more performance and that may be the key to the whole talk. For our part, we have contacted Sony regarding this change and are awaiting a response from the company.

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