Alors qu’elle va permettre de réaliser des économies en affichant le prix des péages et choisir le trajet le moins cher, il va tout de même falloir « payer de sa personne ». © Instants, Getty Images

Google Maps stops routing if you don’t share your personal data…

The Google Maps app now displays an alert asking users to share their data in exchange for its navigation capabilities.

whether it is on Android or iOS, theApplication Google Maps It now displays a message asking the user to allow your data to be collected so that they can use some navigation functions. Without it, many real-time navigation options will not work. It must be said that Maps achieves a Large-scale data collection, with data in particular GPS, to configure and display real-time traffic conditions or predict their use statistical analysis. Increasingly massive accuracy based on a billion kilometers collected daily on the planet thanks to the app Google Maps Many drivers use it.

You have to pay in person to be guided!

At the moment, the message is only displayed for some users located in the United States. By revoking these new terms of use, without collecting this data, the app will no longer provide navigation tracking like a file GPS With local instructions. the giantInternet Confirms that the data collected is in no way personal and associated with your Google account. Apart from this new need to grant this permission to Google, there will be no change from before. In other words, the app has always collected the respective data.

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