In September, put these plants on the balcony and everyone will envy you!

In September, put these plants on the balcony and everyone will envy you!

Summer is almost over and with it the flowering of beautiful plants. Fortunately, even in seasons other than spring and summer, it is possible to grow some beautiful flowers, in particular, there are 3 flowers that will make your balcony the most beautiful in the whole neighborhood, and people will stop and admire them!

With these plants your balcony will definitely not go unnoticed! (Photo by Gabor Jeszenszky from Pixabay)

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I own Balcony or a flowered balcony It is a cause of joy and serenity. What is more beautiful than looking and enjoying the wonderful colors of nature? In this period, there are some plants that reach the utmost magnificence and that give beautiful flowers full of color and shades. Besides, it is very easy to grow, and you can not grow it.

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September Impressions: Plant These Seeds And Summer Will Never End!

The flowers of these plants are colorful and full of bright colors! (Photo by ChiemSeherin from Pixabay)

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wear this factory on your Balcony It will make summer eternal. There is nothing more beautiful than having a small flowering space filled with greenery. September is the perfect month to plant and grow these plants wonders Nature, let’s discover it in detail:

  • Laurencia: This plant gives a lot of satisfaction. Its blooms are beautiful and full of color: blue, purple, pink, fuchsia and they make a great impression, enhancing wherever you are. Place it in a shaded area and not in direct contact with sunlight. It does not matter what type of soil you will use because it adapts easily. You just have to remember to water it often and make sure the water doesn’t stagnate at the bottom of the pot.
  • Pansy: This wonderful plant blooms from April to September, so you can safely put it on your balcony. You can choose it in different colors: purple, white, blue, yellow. It is very cold-resistant and needs to be in a very bright and sunny place.
  • September chrysanthemums: It has beautiful flowers and a very bright color. It does not require much maintenance, and in exchange for some water, it will make your balcony a masterpiece. You just have to remember to water it twice a day and check that the water does not stagnate in the pot.
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