Mozilla has launched a commercial for MDN

Browser manufacturer Mozilla has launched another payment service: MDN Merchant Service. This should provide convenience functionality.

Firefox manufacturer Mozilla has officially launched MDN Plus Blog Hacks Announced. This is a commercial offering based on free developer content and web documentation of the same name. MDN Plus release plans have been known for a few weeks now.

The show now implemented is based on data and results from a user survey of 60,000 participants. Mozilla writes: “For today’s premium subscription service MDN Plus, we are releasing three new features that address this need: Notifications, Groups, and Offline MDN.”

Notifications should inform about innovations in the Mozilla Developer Network, so that you can stay informed. Specifically, it can track individual pages and send notifications when documents are changed or new CSS functions or APIs are released.

With the help of groups, finding content should be easier. To do this, MDN Plus remembers those pages that users frequently visit. The offline functionality is self-explanatory and provides offline access to the MDN. This is technically implemented via Progressive Web Application (PWA).

At launch, the service will initially be available in the United States and Canada. According to Mozilla, it is planned to extend “France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.” The service costs $5 or $10 per month, with discounts when you sign up for the annual subscription. The most affordable tier provides early access to new features and direct contact with the Mozilla team.

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