Moritz Born from SV Elz: To pick bananas around half the world

Moritz Born from SV Elz: To pick bananas around half the world

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They enjoy the respect of their teammates and the coach, wear the captaincy with pride and have something to say: the leaders. In club dress on the pitch, she is known as the “captain” of her team. We want to know who is the person wearing this shirt. Today we’re introducing Moritz Born from SV Elz senior club.

Moritz Born has already seen a lot at the age of 27 – especially outside the football field. After graduating from high school in 2012 at Peter-Paul-Cahensly-Schule in Limburg, he completed an apprenticeship of two and a half years at his parent’s insurance company in Eschhofen, where he now works as an independent broker.

But after successfully completing his apprenticeship, Moritz Born embarked on a true “adventure,” he says today. “Seven months of working and traveling in Australia, New Zealand and Asia was an incredible learning experience,” says Elz Athletic Club captain.

The 27-year-old was impressed by New Zealand’s “wonderful landscapes”. “The range of people that you can get to know on such a trip is absolutely amazing. I have met people of different nationalities and different cultures,” he says of his diverse experiences. “This is how I made many good friendships.”

In order to finance the flights and transfers, Elzer had to earn the necessary money. Among other things, he worked on an Australian banana plantation for nearly three months. Equipped with a scythe, he diligently assisted in harvesting bananas. An experience that he poses to this day, as he himself says. “It was stressful, a really difficult task. Of course there is something completely different to my daily office job in Eichthoven,” says Moritz Borne.

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From TuS Dietkirchen to SV Elz

In 2015 he returned. At first he wore a TuS Dietkirchen shirt. Moritz Borne had passed all beginner classes in black and red. In January 2017, he finally moved to his hometown club, SV Elz. He’s even been wearing the SVE badge since the 2019/20 season. At that time, he was appointed captain of Alzer by then coach Mehmed Dragosha, and the new coach, Thomas Selbach, took that decision. What sets him apart in his position is that he always has an open ear to his coach and teammates. “I have a strong personality and I like to take responsibility,” adds Moritz Borne. Society is especially important to him – both on and off the football field. “Team spirit is very important to us and it comes first,” says Moritz Borne.

A conversation with the 27-year-old shows that he is a socialite. Friendly, talkative, funny. When he talks about his hobbies, he just gushes out of him. Lists “Football, Gym, and Volleyball”. But: in general, I like ball sports. He also played tennis actively at Elz earlier.

“Friends should be there.”

In his spare time, it is especially important to him: “friends” should be there. It was through them that he discovered another hobby for himself in Summer 2020: Spikeball. A USA oriented sport where two teams of two teams are around a round and extend the net and try to hit the ball with the net in a way that the opponents cannot reach. It is mostly played in parks and large lawns. “A friend watched a spikeball video on YouTube and bought a set. We also played at Elzer Stadium,” says Moritz Borne.

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Then there is the Elzer Kirmes family: Moritz Born has lived in Elz since 2008. In 2011 he was a cabaret boy. “It’s generally a nice habit where you can throw a great party with your friends,” says Moritz Borne. However, as is well known, the exhibition fell victim to the epidemic in 2020. The joy and hope in 2021 is much greater. “Of course, it would be great to celebrate our tenth anniversary again in 2021. This will be something very special for our year and for all the other people too.” Young Yanik

In our next episode We are introduced to a seasoned player in the regional league who has been a member of his club for 30 years.

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