The Essential Trucks: A Runner for Every Longing

The Essential Trucks: A Runner for Every Longing

If Marcus Benedichitz and Christopher Pickford want to go on vacation, in nature, they just have to pack up and drive. Completely independent of seizures or epidemics. “It’s a luxury for us,” says Beckford. To others, too.

This is exactly where the company founded by Styrian comes in April 2020. Essential Vans expands pickups to make them ready for great freedom, and versatilely applicable for every purpose and every destination.

This can be accomplished by using the aviation rail system. Where motorbikes and kites are stored when traveling, a kitchen and sleeping quarters are created in the evening. Wet cell units or solar panel holders can also be installed if required. Almost everything is possible, only Chichi goes in vain in the pickups. For this purpose, high quality materials are used. The rail system is made of aluminum, the keyboards are made of powder-coated galvanized steel. Car felt is not used, but the fabric with 90 percent wool and plywood panels are made of mahogany, not poplar, as they are, according to Beckford, more waterproof and provide a better indoor climate. Except for bags manufactured in Croatia, we only work with Austrian companies.

In addition to quality and origin, Bickford and Beneditschitz pay attention to lightness. Because with a driver’s license B, only vehicles with a gross weight of 3.5 tons can be driven in Europe. “To ensure the bus retains its functionality, the spanner weighs less than 200 kilograms,” says Beckford. It can then load between 600 and 900 kg.

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