Ten Tips for Strong Lungs - This is How You Can Breathe Healthy!  - Adviser

Ten Tips for Strong Lungs – This is How You Can Breathe Healthy! – Adviser

Munich – It is clear how important it is to have a strong and healthy lung, especially in times of Covid-19.

How to improve lung function and strengthen the respiratory muscles, explains Dr. Sebastian Hillman (38). The Munich resident specializes in internal medicine and has worked for many years at the Augsburg Lung Center.

The most important tips he gave:

Put the cigarette away

Hillman: “The classic. Abstaining from nicotine is a necessary condition for improving lung health.”

► Exercise regularly

Hillman: “Exercise is especially good for the lungs, because more red blood cells are formed during this process. This improves the oxygen content and blood flow behavior. However, you should pay attention to good air quality when exercising. So that you do not burden the lungs unnecessarily, no.” Exercise outdoors if you are exposed to high levels of particles and high levels of ozone.

► Mite control measures

Hillman: “Mites that feed on scales multiply quickly especially in mattresses and bed linen – and thus trigger allergies. My advice: Change bed linen often and do not cover the bed as soon as you wake up in the morning. It is also recommended that you clean the mattress and sheets with mite spray. Mattresses should be replaced every 5- 7 years, because about 10 million (!) Of moths live in it. Ventilate the bedroom and apartment once or twice a day if possible. Regular cleaning with a so-called Hepa filter also reduces mite counts. “

Hillman offers his favorite exercise: “Open your chest and arms back – then move around the chest in a wide arc.”Photo: Theo Klein

Exercise the muscles of the respiratory system

Hillman: “Exercises like these (“ lip brakes ”), which actors perform every day, strengthen the respiratory muscles and lungs. At the same time, they relax in stressful situations. Make sure you breathe through your nose. This is better through Mouth, because the air is cleaned, moistened and slightly warmed before it flows into the lungs. Suitable breathing exercises can be found online. “

“Take a deep breath and exhale with a slight resistance – what’s called a lip brake. This is how the bronzes are filled and cleaned.”Photo: Theo Klein

► Ventilation more

Hillman: “Correct ventilation for interiors, offices and apartments – is always important, but essential in times of Covid 19. Because the air in closed rooms also affects the health of the lungs. How do you ventilate properly? Either with the windows open wide (intermittent ventilation) for several minutes, Or – even more effectively – by flow aeration. As a general rule, the Federal Environment Agency recommends ventilation for at least 10-15 minutes. In summer 20-30 minutes is ideal, and in winter, with large temperature differences five minutes are sufficient. .

Lung examinations

Hillman: “Lungs should be regularly examined as it is for other body parts. After all, the lungs are one of the largest immune systems, which is why hidden autoimmune diseases sometimes become visible in the lungs for the first time. Many specific procedures are available. For a pulmonologist to test lung function.The most important investigation is this Bodyplethysmographie. It measures the volume of the lungs and as many as 30 parameters provide accurate information about an organ’s health.

Doctor.  Hillman explains the lung scan with a body volumetric chart to BILD reporter Stephan Corthy

Doctor. Hillman explains the lung scan with a body volumetric chart to BILD reporter Stephan CorthyPhoto: Theo Klein / Bild

Avoid infections

Heilman: “Anyone with a chronic disease should seek treatment and avoid infection. The mucous membrane is inflamed, especially in asthma and chronic bronchitis. Viruses and bacteria can enter and multiply more easily. The result is bronchitis or pneumonia. Inflammation also impedes the normal lung cleaning function. Inhalation of viruses and bacteria remain in the bronchi and damage the lungs. The disturbed flushing function can be supported by regular inhalation. “

Pay attention to sleep noises

Hillman: “Snoring can cause fatigue, headache, depression, impotence, high blood pressure, etc. But that is not all. People who snore often experience pauses in breathing during their sleep, which is often not noticed by the person concerned. Sometimes if you feel sleepy in the morning, or even fall asleep over and over again during the day, then what is called apnea may be the cause. Ask your partner if he or she noticed anything. With the help of modern technology, sleep apnea can easily be found using sleep apnea. A diagnostic device that your specialist will provide to you.

Fish strengthens the lungs

Hillman: “You can actually eat a lung-friendly diet. Foods that contain omega-3s, such as fish, can help strengthen lung function. Anyone with bronchitis should drink as much as possible. This thins the mucus in the lungs. And airways. Asthma patients should be careful with preservatives and glutamate in food because they can trigger asthma attacks. “

Avoid weight gain

Hillman: “A study by scientists from Australia, New Zealand and Canada in the European Respiratory Journal 2019 showed that excess adipose tissue does not only accumulate in the abdomen.

Fat also gets deposited in the walls of the bronchi and reduces the space there. This narrows the air passages, which in turn leads to an increase in inflammatory processes in the lungs and thus an increased risk of developing asthma symptoms. ”

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