Minecraft could be a live action movie starring Jason Momoa

Minecraft could be a live action movie starring Jason Momoa

It looks like there’s another video game adaptation we didn’t know we needed soon: Warner Bros. For the live-action Minecraft movie, ex-Jason Momoa may be playing an important role.

There have been considerations for Minecraft since 2017 and why not: A Lego or Lego Batman-style parody animation could certainly work—especially since producer Roy Lee is involved in both films. However, now it is known: the adaptation is to be a feature film with real actors and actresses (and maybe a lot of CGI?).

Jason Momoa is best known for roles like Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, starring in Aquaman or most recently Duncan Idaho in the new movie Dune. Now he appears to be in surprising negotiations with Warner Bros. To be in the next Minecraft movie and maybe some sequels.

The famous 3D world of Minecraft will appear on the big screen – but what it would look like with real people remains to be seen.

Warner Bros. plans. To use Minecraft items for a Feature Film Franchise To do – but that depends on the success of the first film, which has not yet been released. So it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing how the start of the bizarre movie series will turn out.

Let’s see if we should go as deep into Uncanny Valley as we did with the Cats reboot a few years ago. And do you already have any suggestions for real-life actors with corners and edges that look especially cube-shaped? number? I also do not.

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