It Takes Two: Dwayne Johnson to Produce and Actor in The Game?

It Takes Two: Dwayne Johnson to Produce and Actor in The Game?

We’ve known since January that there will be a movie based on the famous Hazelight Studios movie It Takes Two. Now there are preliminary reports about some of the participants in the film project.

Many famous greats are taking part in the film

as such diverse Exclusively want to know, Amazon is interested in executing the movie. The producer will be an actor, and he may also have a lead role in parents May and Cody’s adventure turned mini-dolls. We’re talking about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the famous face will actually play in the movie.

Besides him, Josef Fares of Hazelight is also producing the tape for the masterful game in the small studio.

It Takes Two presents a family-friendly story with plenty of humor. Perfect for a big movie project that should reach audiences – even beyond gamers.

The project is currently taking the “Priority” role at Amazon Studios. d2j Entertainment and Seven Bucks Studios of Johnson, which was responsible for Jumanji, are also involved.

Sonic film writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who are tasked with adapting the magical story for film and television, will also contribute to the project.

I highly recommend this great indie game to anyone who hasn’t played It Takes Two – you didn’t win a GOTY award last year for nothing.

The co-op puzzle adventure inspires you with new levels and challenges that don’t get boring even after many hours. Lots of humor and hilarious ideas as well as an empathetic story along with some small horrific scenes that made me laugh out loud on the plane. For this reason, the film has to live up to really high expectations. So don’t disappoint me!

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