Microsoft leaks the new Windows 10 design by accident

A Microsoft employee briefly posted on his Twitter account a screenshot showing the PowerShell window looking completely different from what we’re used to in Windows 10. This appears to be the first glimpse of a major design change that would deeply modify the interface, right down to the width of the windows. We expected nothing less from a future Sun Valley refresh.

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Microsoft is constantly testing ideas Windows 10 Design Update. The company has changed the default background, Introduced “dark mode” and “light mode” – And recently a See Designing a Start Menu. More A major new update is coming and with it more in-depth changes. The first clues to this were briefly leaked via the Windows 10 Tips app.

In particular, we discovered a new WiFi calling screen with rounded edges – one of them already. A little revolution that breaks the very angular aspect of Windows 10 design, as such Other rounded facade elements. Other operating systems have packaged their design for years, including Linux Ubuntu and macOS. So it seemed logical that Microsoft, which had already adapted many of the ideas from these systems, should follow this path.

Windows 10 will soon change its design very profoundly according to this new leak

And it turns out thatA screenshot mistakenly posted by a Microsoft employee confirms this trend. The screenshot shows the PowerShell 7.1.3 window (latest stable version available). PowerShell can be run as Cmd in a program called Windows Terminal.

But in a future version of Windows it appears that This window design that hasn’t changed much since Windows 95 is finally going to have a major facelift. The interface is dark mode. And it has a simplified system of tabs similar to those found in internet browsers.

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Especially, Exit the edges with purely functional angles and make room for beauty with framing projecting in shade of gray and edging while rounding. Unfortunately, we do not know at this point whether this new design will be applied to all applications or if this design will only be applied in a few official applications.

Microsoft can also completely change its design Windows 10 Sun Valley edition The version that should formalize all these changes. What do you think of this new round design? Share your opinion with us in the comments for this article.

Get Designed by PowerShell for Windows 10
Credits: Microsoft via Windows Newer

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