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From May 30, 2021 Tim Adjusts the renewal mechanism for all mobile offers, and the basic Internet price according to consumption and service for its own customers who can be recharged TIM is always online.

Mechanism for renewing the new offer

Effective May 30, 2021, if a TIM customer does not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the offer, the offer will not be renewed but suspended (for a maximum of 180 days).

TIM client (in the absence of other active offers) You can keep calling, texting and browsing according to your rate profile until your balance runs out.

Once the increase necessary to pay for the renewal of the offer is made, the latter will be renewed. The offer is reactivated the day the customer recharges without losing days of using the offer.

An example of a renewal offer as of May 30, 2021

Your offer ends on June 17, 2021 and costs € 10 per month. If the customer has € 9 on June 17, 2021: The offer will not be renewed on June 17, 2021 because they do not have sufficient funds to cover the monthly cost.

While waiting for a recharge, if there are no other active offers, the TIM customer will be able to call, send SMS and browse using the available balance, i.e. 9 €, according to the conditions stipulated in the active basic tariff plan on the SIM card.

If the customer recharges on June 20, 2021, and regains a balance at least equal to the monthly cost of the offer, it will be renewed starting from that date and the subsequent renewal will take place on July 20, 2021 (provided that on July 20, 2021, a balance at least equal to the monthly cost of the offer is available) until Not a single day is wasted using the offer.

Reducing the price of the Internet according to the fixed day consumption

The base price cost of the navigation by consumption (called Flat day) From 4 EUR to 2 EUR per day with the same current characteristics.

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The base rate Flat day Intervenes when there is no active data display on the SIM card. In this case, upon first internet connection, a daily 2 € bill is triggered for 500MB of data packets for use on the same day (up to 11:59 pm on the same calendar day).

A fixed day is activated if the TIM customer does not have other active offers, as happens, for example, when the offer is not renewed due to insufficient credit to cover the cost.

A flat day is provided for all basic tariff plans, except for the TIM tariff plan Electronic chat base. For those with an active TIM Base and Chat plan, surfing the Internet is only possible with an active data view.

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TIM service is always connected

If from March 28, 2021, As has already been said From MondoMobileWeb, the Tim Semper Connesso service activation process has changed for new TIM customers, starting May 30, 2021, it will also become revocable for existing TIM customers.

In fact, from that date also TIM customers who activated the service TIM is always online You will have the possibility to deactivate it for free through the following channels: IVR 40916, IVR 409168 and MY TIM certified area.

service Tim Always in touch Intervenes in case of insufficient credit to renew the tariff offer and allows it Call, send SMS and browse without limits In Italy and the rest of the European Union at a price 90 euro cents a day A maximum tow days, At total cost 1,80 euros.

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The aforementioned cost, along with the remaining amount to complete the renewal of the active offer on the SIM card, will be charged on the first top up, for each day of actual use.

To use the Always in touch A TIM customer will have to make a first call, send a first SMS, or make a first data connection after their credit runs out.

At the end of the two days, if not recharging, the TIM customer’s mobile line will remain active only for receiving calls or SMS and making emergency calls.

TIM informs all of its rechargeable customers

TIM does not consider these changes to be a rescheduling of the tariff, and thus it has not been clarified how to withdraw from the contract within 30 days of contact, because the choice for the operator is the positive one with the aim of increasing transparency and improvement. User experience.

All TIM customers as of April 14, 2021 will be notified via SMS and web information.

This is the text message sent to TIM customers who don’t own the rate Tim Pace and chat:

Dear customer, Important news from May 30th! If you do not have enough credit to renew your offer, you can continue calling, sending SMS and browsing the terms of the basic profile using the remaining balance. Your offer will be renewed on the first load without losing days of use. Additionally, the base price for sailing will be reduced from 4E to 2E per day.

This charge is calculated only in the absence of active offers and only on days of actual use upon first call. To find out your Basic Profile, call 40916 or go to My TIM […]

This is the text message sent to the TIM customers who own the price Tim Pace and chat:

Dear customer, Important news from May 30th! If you do not have enough credit to renew your offer, you can continue calling and sending SMS as per the terms of the basic profile using the remaining balance.

Internet browsing is only possible with an active data view. Your offer will be renewed on the first load, without losing days of use. To find out your Basic Profile, call 40916 or go to My TIM. Around […]

TIM decided to use the same mechanism that Iliad has been using in Italy from day one for the first time. Therefore, from May 30, 2021, the remaining balance will not be negative, but will be paid according to depreciation.

If TIM Semper Connesso can be deactivated, on the other hand, a TIM customer should not forget to recharge before renewing their tariff offer if he does not want to find himself without a remaining balance.

If after 180 days a TIM customer does not fill in the necessary amount to reactivate the offer, the latter will be deactivated. Compared to the past, all TIM mobile offerings are also compatible with a display deactivation mechanism. The latter mechanism is similar to that of Vodafone.

As it happened with the birth of Semper Connesso, the operator will definitely advise its customers to activate TIM service to avoid incurring additional costs. Auto recharge.

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