metrics. New Coudreaux gynecologist: ‘Calling every day’

Dr. Fagfoury has been based at 148, Science Street, Kudrow Medical Center in Chill, since the summer of 2021. (© La Marne)

Since June, the Coudreaux region of Chelles (Seine-et-Marne) has benefited fromA new gynecologist has been appointed at Science Street Medical Center. Originally from Montvermeil, an obstetrician-gynecologist welcomes patients to work on their fetal sciences.

after, after Many departing for gynecologists from ChileGood news has arrived. Farahnaz Fagfouri began his consultations on May 31.

A gynecologist at Montvermille Hospital, she had Want to open his own clinic. She also provides consultations at the Robert Depres Hospital in Paris.

According to her, she was able to find this room thanks to the City Council of Chell and in particular to Mayor Brice Rabasti:

“The mayor helped me find a place and thanks to him I was appointed here. Shell had a great need for a gynecologist after some of them retired.” she explained.

Shortage of gynecologists in Chile

Indeed, if gynecologists had their practice all over the city, and especially in the city center, Some have decided to move or retire.

The lack of a gynecologist was very present in the city of over 50,000 people especially in Kudrow district, very far from the city center.

At Dr. Al-Faghfouri, a warm atmosphere gives confidence in practice:

We tried to reproduce Joe as if we were at home. There is background music, paintings, statues… The goal is for patients to feel at home when they go to the office. She adds.

Here, Farahnaz Faghouri has been feeling at home ever sinceworking with her family. Her companion works with her in the financial and secretarial aspects, and her son, a medical student, comes to help her from time to time.

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spread over the entire first floor, two different rooms It adapts to the types of care provided.

Practitioner takes time with patients

Specialized for pregnant women, she performs ultrasound examinations as well as colonoscopy or implant implants.

Appointments are rather long, the practitioner is doing as much as possible Make everyone feel comfortable.

Thus, if on arrival in Chell Dr. Faghouri was afraid of running out of clients, but the opposite happened:

“We have calls every day. Mothers bring their daughters here, patients pour in. Without doing any publicity, my former patients from the hospital came to meet me here.” she declares proudly.

To make an appointment, go to the website or by phone 01 64 61 70 93.

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