In Toulouse, the cobalt space takes on a new dimension with La FoodConnection

In Toulouse, the cobalt space takes on a new dimension with La FoodConnection

In the heart of the Toulouse Aerospace District, 55 avenue Louis Breguet is experiencing a renewed vitality. A stone’s throw from the centenary old Halls Latécoère turned town (for start-ups) by the Occitanie region, the cobalt acreage is also changing in size. This 4,500-square-meter industrial wasteland, belonging to an unknown owner, is a hybrid venue that now consists of a 250-seat theater called Studio 55 and a new 300-seat table called Dumbo, in reference to a New York neighborhood. This space contains the ephemeral Canaille Club, which can seat up to 1,500 people and an auditorium of 400 square metres. This will be for private parties, business seminars and exhibitions.

Responsible for this transformation: The FoodConnection. This twelve-year-old company is no stranger to Toulouse. Founded by the partnership Christophe Baron and Romain Picuret and joined by their new partner Alexis Dubuis, it has eight establishments (including L’Alimentation Restaurants) and employs 300 people for sales of 12 million euros. For the Cobalt project, entrepreneurs invested 2 million euros. “We wanted something extraordinary,” says Christophe Baron. “We wanted a multi and diverse place to live with strong cultural and artistic connotations.”

“We take projects that seem exciting to us”

Throughout the year, the site will employ about 30 people and bring in up to 250 people at the height of the season, summer. “The place is really profitable, driven by the catering,” Christophe Baron adds. In fact, the Canaille Club pub has already been open for three seasons.

FoodConnection is preparing to open a new restaurant, Pronzo, in place of the previous 700 square meter Flunch which was installed in the Rouffiac Shopping Centre. From mid-November, the establishment will offer Italian groceries and trattoria. “Our group is in equilibrium and has reached its cruising size. We are no longer looking for growth. We are taking on projects that seem exciting to us,” adds Mr. Barron.
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Pictured: Left to right, La FoodConnection’s three partners, in third place origin Cobalt, Christophe Baron, Alexis Dupuis and Romain Pecqueret. Credits: AS – ToulÉco.

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