Tintin, a character from space?

Tintin, a character from space?

Tines, Tin. without a file. We learned that Tintin, a world reporter, has traveled the four corners of planet Earth and even made a leap (necessarily several to move) on the Moon. But in reality: Hergé’s famous character will come from farther afield, nothing less than outer space or one of its meanders? Amazing, isn’t it?

Teen Titans Spotlight From publisher DC Comics is an anthology of number one story arcs focusing on different members of the Teen Titans Past, present, or their enemies. So in No. 11 of Teen Titans Spotlight Dated June 1987, we follow the Brotherhood of Evil—on the always sober, question titled, in the comics—an organization of super-villains in the DC Comics Universe.

Tintin, a character from space?
Fig Titans fry with the Brotherhood of Evil. Necessary.
© DC Comics.

The Brotherhood of Evil that finds itself here stranded on an alternate land invaded by mutated creatures, after a nuclear holocaust – still sober.

Oops, these scam bastards usually have to put up with being on the good side for a while, and that’s when they meet a certain guy! A man named Tin. Catch…

Titans Spotlight No. 11. But who’s in the middle, right?
© DC Comics.
…but it’s a tin, hey!
© DC Comics.

Yeah hey, because it’s not necessarily a coincidence. Since then, Tin tells them – without a trickster – the sad story that happened to his planet, and events dating back to his adolescence, when he had recognizable friends!

…a thousand billion a thousand niches but who is still here…!
© DC Comics.

Tonnerre de Brest, damn it, but it’s, of course, devil and palsambleu, platypus buggers: it’s a plagiarism of good old Tintin and his gallery of colorful characters!

Tintin and his snowy dog, plus happy character gallery – copyright notice!
© Hergé, Molinsart.
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But no, it’s a salute, writers Jean Marc Lovisier He was born in Toulon and his wife Randy (with a co-creative surname RJM Lofficier) and the famous designer Joe Orlando.

This is hard to please Nick Rodwell Cast off her proverbial skepticism and scrapping her group of copyright and proprietary lawyers, this is a parody in proper form, again and always without crook, and thus, acquiescence… to this !

Palestinian Authority

© DC Comics

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