Merge validated for 3 lists on the left -

Merge validated for 3 lists on the left –

After several days of bitter debates, today the three left-wing lists confirmed their union within a common front, the new Guyann Country of Progress Without Borders/Success together, in order to take on Rudolf Alexander.

We can say it’s doneEmmanuel Prince, Gabriel Serviel’s List Division Head in the Grand Coron Division, informed Guyana about the first merger of the Gabriel Servill and Jean-Paul Ferreira Lists. The information was provided around 3 pm at the Rep. Serville Campaign Center in Cayenne.
Gabriel Serviel, chairman of the Joint List, confirmed Guyana’s first merger. New Joint List Guyane Kontré’s Advance Without Limit / Success List must be submitted before 5 pm in the prefecture.

The “Guyane Kontré to Advance” roster maintains the same roster heads in 4 divisions: Gabriel Serville in Cayenne, Philippe Bouba for The Small Crown, Emmanuel Prince for the Large Crown, Annie Robinson-Chocho for the Savanes and Raymond Déyé for the Haut Maroni.
Guyana’s roster maintains three sections: Jean-Paul Ferreira for Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, Tyre Stenzenkel for the Mana bass, and René Munnerville for Oiapoque.
The merger is also done with the American Jessi List: he will appear in the Joint List, with Muriel Briquet (Cayenne) and François Bagadi (Saint-Laurent).

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